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Pixel Art

When I decided to become a game developer the first thing I did was teach myself how to make pixel art. There's still room for improvement but four years later I'm proud of the art I'm able to produce!

System Goose Overload (2015-2016)

The Forest

Happy Tree X2.png
Jail X2.png
Bridge Stealth X2 2.png
Kragglers Klinic X2.png
Hack 1 X2.png
Ruined pathway X2.png

The Temple

Main Trial Hall X2.png
Tree Top Town D X2.png

The Desert

Desert Cliff Edge X2.png
New Dessert X2.png
Desert Hug X2.png
New Colour Maze X2.png
Golden turn X2.png
Trial Hall 2 X2.png
Cave to Exit X2.png
Cavern Exit X2.png
Manor Cliff 2 X2.png
Long Cave X2.png

The Cave

The Manor Grounds

Hedge Up X2.png
Kitch X2.png
Bed Room X2.png
Left Right Hedge X2.png
hedge turn X2.png
Manor ENT X2.png
Long Ladder Room X2.png
Grimmeld Manor X2.png
Broken Lib Switch Room X2.png
Secret Room Wez.png
Hall 5 4 X2.png

Grimmled Goose Manor

The Human Base

HB Double Hall X2.png
HB Long Pipes X2.png
HB First Pipes X2.png
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